Certification Program

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Read all about our Certification Program below or download the full Certification Program Overview PDF.

Certification Program

The CoreClarity Certification Program was designed to expand the scope and reach of the CoreClarity framework, encouraging individuals to turn their talents into strengths and igniting teams to capitalize on their competitive and collaborative advantage.


The Certification Program prepares you to become an expert in the CoreClarity proprietary methodology. In addition to using this information for one-on-one Coaching, as a Certified CoreClarity Facilitator, you will be able to deliver and customize the Personal Discovery and Team Dynamics workshops.

Is this a fit for you?

Our Certification Program is designed for corporate trainers, coaches, consultants and facilitators. You should have solid training experience, presentation and facilitation skills, coaching skills and an ability to support learning outside the classroom.

What you'll gain
  • Deeper clarity around your talents and how they can drive your success
  • Strong knowledge of the 34 Talent Themes from the Clifton StrengthsFinder results in the CoreClarity framework
  • Ability to customize and deliver the CoreClarity programs to your intended audience, providing additional value and insight
  • Condense client discovery time so you can better meet your client’s needs
  • Facilitate discovery and application to individuals and teams around their results and competitive/collaborative advantage
  • The essential materials, tools and support for delivery and customization
  • Continued education, support and networking through the CoreClarity Community
Certification Program Overview

Discover more about the CoreClarity Coaching and Workshops in this Certification Program Overview PDF including the steps to take to become certified, the investment, the license fees, FQI scheduled dates, and ways to join the CoreClarity community.

Path to Certification

The Path to Certification involves successful completion of:

Application – This step ensures that we can meet your needs and that the program is a good fit, ultimately setting you up for success. Complete the online application.

Facilitator Qualification Intensive (FQI) – This week-long intensive gives you the opportunity to experience our programs first-hand and then step behind the curtain to learn how to prepare and deliver the programs for your clients. Before, during and after you will be given opportunities to start mastering the content to further develop your understanding and application of the CoreClarity framework. You can find more details in the Certification Program Overview PDF.

Observation – This final step gives you the opportunity to prepare and deliver the Personal Discovery Workshop while being supported by a CoreClarity Certified Trainer and receive comprehensive feedback to help your development. Observation must be completed within six months after training. The observation fee is already included in registration (you will be responsible for all travel expenses for the CoreClarity Certified Trainer).

Upcoming FQI Scheduled Dates

September 11-15, 2017 (Dallas, TX)
Register by Monday, August 7, 2017 to receive $500 off investment.
Registration closes August 28, 2017.


Investment of $6,500


  • Experiencing Personal Discovery and Team Dynamics as a participant
  • Five days of in-depth training sessions with self-study homework
  • Access to the CoreClarity proprietary Portal
  • Observation & Feedback by a CoreClarity Certified Trainer of your first program delivery (Additional travel fees)
  • Program resources including presentation templates, exercises and planning tools
  • Continued education and support from the CoreClarity team

License Fees

Once you have completed FQI, you will enter program participants into the CoreClarity Portal. Each profile entered will incur an initial licensing fee, which includes lower license levels (e.g. Team Dynamics licenses include all materials for Personal Discovery, Relationship, Enhanced Coaching, etc.).

Cost Associated with Use of Materials:

  • $150 per profile entered into the database for participants in Personal Discovery and Team Dynamics Sessions
  • $100 per profile entered into the database for participants in Personal Discovery Sessions
  • $50 per profile entered into the database for Relationship Packets
  • $45 per profile entered into the database for individual Enhanced Coaching Packets
  • $35 per profile entered into the database for individual Coaching Packets

NOTE: To support your learning, as a part of your investment you will be granted up to 25 CoreClarity Training Licenses to be used with friends and family within one year of completing FQI.

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