StrengthsFinder Assessment Instructions

If you’ve already taken the StrengthsFinder Assessment, please don’t take it again! Our experience has been that the first time you take the assessment is typically the most accurate set of results. This is Gallup’s belief as well. In fact, before you purchase an access code, they encourage you to not use the code for yourself if you’ve already taken the assessment. To learn more, visit our FAQ page.

I’ve taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, but I don’t remember my results. What should I do?

To retrieve your results from a prior assessment, go to the website below and follow the instructions.

I’ve taken the StrengthsFinder assessment, but I can’t remember the email address I used. What should I do?

Call Gallup at (800) 818-6979 and talk to one of their customer service representatives. They should be able to help you!

I’ve never taken the StrengthsFinder assessment. What do I do?

1. For $19.99, you can purchase a code from Gallup to take the assessment:

NOTE: We highly recommend purchasing only your Top 5 at this time. At a later date you can explore Beyond Your Top 5.

2. Follow the instructions to take the assessment. Allow about thirty minutes of uninterrupted time. Once completed, your results will be provided instantly. Please note that the only “right” answers are the ones that best describe you. To get the most accurate results, select the choice that first comes to mind. Select what is true for you in general, not just how you feel that day or what it takes to get your current job done.

3. Once you receive your results from Gallup, send your information and talents to CoreClarity or your facilitator.


Codes are also available in the following books:

Now, Discover Your Strengths – general, all purpose book for everyone
Discover Your Sales Strengths – for those in sales
Teach With Your Strengths – for teachers and educators
Living Your Strengths – for church congregations
How Full Is Your Bucket? – Hardcover Only
StrengthsFinder 2.0 – generic, but Now Discover… is the better choice
Strengths Based Selling – updated sales book published in 2011
Strengths Based Leadership – a better follow-up book – not ideal for first-timers