In-Powering People and Teams Program: We Help Teams Work Smarter

To master a team, you must first know the parts that make it up. The In-Powering People & Teams program is offered in three phases to maximize learning and make the most effective use of your time: The Introduction (optional), Personal Discovery and Team Dynamics. The programs are offered as stand-alone, but it’s recommended they be combined for maximum impact. The In-Powering People & Teams program is ideally used with intact work groups. Used in the early stages of a team’s lifecycle, the program accelerates passage through the forming and storming stages. Teams that have reached the norming stage can take their performance to the next level. Participants learn how to capitalize on the individual and collective competitive advantage created by their unique combination of strengths.

Personal Discovery

CoreClarity analyzes each participant’s assessment results and provides easy-to-use tools that help them understand their unique combination of talents. In this fast paced, interactive, half-day session, participants begin using these tools to understand how their talents interact and where they should concentrate their energies to create break-through improvements in performance.


*CoreClarity offers an optional Introduction that occurs before the Personal Discovery session. The Introduction is a one hour session where we introduce the concepts of strengths philosophy, how talents are developed and ways they can work for and against you.

Team Dynamics

In this dynamic half-day group-synergy session, CoreClarity provides insights on the practical application of talents and highlights areas of untapped potential in each group. In customized, dynamic exercises, participants learn how to use the CoreClarity Key and CoreDrills to increase productivity by maximizing team strengths. They also learn ways to leverage their unique combination to overcome gaps within a team and reach new levels of creative group synergy.

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