Building On Your Core:

Transforming Talents into Competitive Advantage


CoreClarity helps people and teams tap into their talents daily so they can work more productively, live more fully and have more fun.

Contrary to old-school management philosophies, individuals, teams and organizations excel by maximizing their strengths, not by fixing their weaknesses. Yet society is fixated on ‘fixing’ people, trying to make them well-rounded so that they can fit in anywhere. The truth is we are all gifted in different ways, and trying to mold us into cookie-cutter shapes is contrary to our very nature. 



CoreClarity works with individuals to uncover their unique talents so that they can intentionally build on those talents to create strengths, which in turn enhances personal productivity and improves interpersonal effectiveness. Building on this base, CoreClarity helps teams and organizations clarify internal roles, maximize group competencies and tap into their core competitive advantage.


From Empower to In-Power

When you are empowered to do something, someone has given you the power to do it. Of course, that means this power can also be taken away.

CoreClarity focuses on the power that each of us has within ourselves - what we call our In-Power.

The secret to being successful for each of us is that our talents are already inside of us. It is our responsibility to know them, show them and intentionally grow them into strengths!

Knowing the Power
of Your Talents