We Love What We Do

CoreClarity helps people and teams tap into their talents daily so they can work more productively, live more fully and have more fun.


  • Our experts work with organizations to streamline team processes by efficiently transforming individuals into a collaborative community.
  • We help replace the combative language of judgment with a pause of appreciation.
  • We articulate the team’s competitive advantage based on the members’ collective top talents.


Our creative model takes strengths psychology from theory to practice. And it works!

Our Roots

After reading Clifton and Buckingham’s, Now Discover Your Strengths, Candace Fitzpatrick was hooked on understanding the power of helping people understand their talents and turn them into strengths. She studied the talents and quickly determined that not only were they independently profound, but that the unique mix of an individual’s top five talents added an additional powerful dimension. Candace created a model to help make the talents more memorable, understandable, applicable and actionable.


Since CoreClarity was incorporated in 2005, the community has grown to include coaches, consultants and facilitators, all utilizing the CoreClarity methodology to help their organizations and clients.


Our Philosophy

We celebrate individuality
        We believe in the unique value that each individual brings to the table.
We operate with purpose and intention
        We believe in getting the most out of every interaction.
We plan for quality experiences
        We believe there is no one-size-fits-all. We create highly customized solutions.
We dig deep
        We believe in healthy discord to get at the root of issues.
We are family
        We believe in taking care of our CoreClarity community.